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Tim de la Fosse

Tim de la Fosse

Drone Pilot

Ex-military pilot and commercial fixed-wing, helicopter and Drone pilot.

Meet Tim de la Fosse, a highly experienced ex-military pilot and a commercial fixed-wing, helicopter and Drone pilot with a remarkable career in both the Royal Navy and British Airways. With his extensive background, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team as a drone pilot.

Tim’s journey in aviation began in the Royal Navy, where he honed his skills flying helicopters off aircraft carriers and performing critical Search and Rescue missions. His dedication and exceptional performance in the military laid the foundation for a distinguished career as a Captain at British Airways. Over the years, Tim piloted a wide range of aircraft, from short-haul to long-haul, including commanding wide-body aircraft with finesse.

Now, Tim leverages his vast aviation experience to provide valuable services to New Build Inspections as our drone pilot. His keen eye for detail and precision flying skills make him the ideal choice for close-up drone surveys. Tim specialises in capturing intricate details of buildings, including roofs, chimneys, gutters, flashing, and other hard-to-reach areas. With his expertise, we can ensure thorough and accurate inspections for our clients.

Tim’s commitment to excellence and safety, coupled with his extensive aviation background, makes him an invaluable asset to our team. When you choose New Build Inspections, you can trust Tim to deliver top-notch drone surveying services, providing you with the most comprehensive inspection results for your building needs.