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Buy a family home – and get Anthony Eden’s famous coat and hat for free

Although Sir Anthony Eden may not have been one of the country’s most successful prime ministers – his mishandling of the Suez Crisis saw to that – he was certainly the most snappily dressed.

Pictures of him in the late 1930s show him sporting a stylish lounge suit with peaked lapels, which was the epitome of chic at the time, over a double-breasted waistcoat.

With a neatly trimmed moustache and slick, Brylcreemed hair, he cut a bit of a dash, especially when compared with other, more crumpled politicos of the era. His look was topped off with a beautifully cut overcoat and a Homburg hat, so widely associated with him that it was often referred to as an “Anthony Eden”.

Now, his trademark overcoat…