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12 of the best bed frames for a great night’s sleep

If the average person sleeps eight hours a night, that same person spends roughly 120 days in bed each year. Night-time Netflix binges and Sunday snuggle-fests not included.

Sleep is, undeniably, the thing which makes or breaks our every day and so are the beds in which we do so. 

Of course, finding the best bed frame is like finding a needle in a very subjective haystack. There are sizes, styles, storage and more to consider – all in a seemingly endless pool of price points and retailers.

To make the task simpler, we’ve created a simple buying guide for you in addition to a list of our favourite bed frames – for everyone – currently on the market.

How to pick the best bed frame

  • Think about your mattress’ requirements. The most obvious requirement for your bed frame is its size requirement (single, double, king or super king are the most common) but the weight and quality of your mattress is also important. For example, sprung slats may be preferable to solid slats to those without a firm mattress. Their curved shape simply offers more bounce and comfort for foam-mattress sleepers and tends to extend the life of modern mattress styles.
  • Design your bedroom. You may not care about snoozing ‘in style’, but you will care if the item you spent hundreds of pounds on doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the rest of your room.  Take an image of the bed into your bedroom – even if its just held up on your phone – and see if you feel it looks right before committing. 
  • Measure up. Every website has the specific dimensions of each bed listed – some even offer to customise dimensions – so use them. You might find a headboard hits a light switch or a winged end doesn’t fit a ‘double’ frame into your existing ‘double’ space. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Consider additional perks. Beds with great storage can be a godsend for people who struggle with wardrobe space and built-in sideboards can offer the simplest book-holding for a buyer who doesn’t have the space for a full shelving unit. Look through all of our recommendations and weigh your bedtime priorities against the frames’ individual perks.

1. Chit Chat Bed Frame

£1245, Loaf

Why we love it: Because lazy days are best spent in bed frames designed for snuggling and reading

Bedtime bookworms are going to love the Chit Chat. The bed frame boasts the squishiest headboard Loaf (and, perhaps, anyone else) has apparently ever made – perfect for nighttime novel nuzzling, breakfast in bed and everything in between. They also offer a quibble-free returns policy and 100-night free trial on all of their associated mattresses. 

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2. Bali Storage Bed

£707.32, Wayfair

Why we love it: Because it’s business on the top, party on the bottom

As design-led beds go, the ‘Bali’ is pretty special. The pine wood bed has six drawers, eight shelf compartments, two compartments with doors and two extendable shelves (the latter of which are especially useful for your morning cuppa).

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3. Lucia coloured metal bed frame

£375, Habitat

Why we love it: Because there is a colour, quite literally, for every room

The Lucia ticks almost every box. Though its a minimalist design overall, the contemporary metal bed frame is incredibly easy to put together and comes in a range of unique colours – all of which become a design feature of their own on the frame’s oversized statement headboard.  

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4. Wooden Four Poster Bed Frame

£859, Get Laid Beds

Why we love it: Because it’s built to last and can be made in any finish

This super-solid handmade bed frame is simply spectacular. As well as offering any solid wood finish you could dream up (coffee bean, red forest, black, and more) each of Get Laid’s cheekily-named beds come with an eleven year guarantee, 2x thicker and wider slats than average beds, and the option to customise any of the bed frame’s dimensions for a mere £75.

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5. Margot vintage bed

£599, Made

Why we love it: Because Matt Arquette’s ‘Margot’ collection has everything a vintage lover needs

This upholstered, vintage-inspired bed frame is pure aesthetic bliss. From its traditional buttoned headboard (in a non-traditional velvet finish) to beautiful brass legs, every element of the design has been Pinterest-perfected. It is also available is Blush Pink, Seafoam Blue Velvet, and a dark Midnight Grey. 

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6. Beaumont Four Poster Bed

£795, The White Company

Why we love it: Because this centerpiece is as stunning as it is sturdy

Though the Beaumont is available in white and black, the latter colour looks great in otherwise minimal spaces. The bed frame’s bespoke mouldings are also exclusive to The White Company, making it a statement-making package you simply can’t find anywhere else.

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7. Banbury Bed Frame in Antique Brass

£599, John Lewis

Why we love it: Because elegance rarely comes so affordable 

This Victorian-influenced bed frame (all antique brass, round finials and mouldings) looks much more expensive than it is. The high head and foot end connect sprung slats to offer comfort on par with its elegance. John Lewis’ beloved deliver and build option also makes it a fantastic choice for those who don’t like to DIY.

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8. Eyre Homecare Adjustable Bed

£2389, Laybrooks

Why we love it: Because it is the ultimate in custom comfort and comes with high-quality Qflex mattresses 

Laybrook are widely known for their adjustable beds; they are as useful to care homes and homecare as they are to those looking for the most customisable sleep imaginable. Whether you and your partner like to sleep on different mattresses or you feel mechanics might better your morning routine, this five-year guaranteed bed is worth considering.

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9. Nadia Natural Handwoven Rattan Bed Frame

£595, Habitat

Why we love it: Because it is built to last and move – a real plus for serial movers

Goodbye to garish 70s rattan and hello to the slick rattan of the future. This natural bed frame is handmade in Indonesia by skilled craftsmen who manage to wrap the rattan around the mattress space for a unique, contemporary look and feel. It also breaks down into four separate parts which simply ‘clip’ together using metal clips, meaning it is a fantastic choice for renters and serial movers. 

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10. Upholsters ottoman bed frame

£399, Dreams

Why we love it: Because the plush, curved bed frame can conceal everything you don’t have storage for

There is more to this luxe bed frame than meets the eye. While its winged headboard is a gorgeous design feature of its own, the bed-frame’s front opening ottomon allows you to store away all the extra bedding, clothing, shoes, and more you can’t find room for elsewhere. Even better, it has a solid base (unlike many storage ottoman beds) so none of your belongings touch the floor.

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11. Four Poster Bed with Storage and Book Shelves

£945, Cuckooland

Why we love it: Because the bed frame maximises on storage in every direction possible

If any bed frame takes the cake for space-saving, it has to be this one. The four-poster bed has a canopy frame, shelving units both behind and under the bed, and a closed container in the lower part of the shelving for extra bedding. Other additions (like a side ladder) are purchasable, including a raised mattress mechanism for even more storage (as above).

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12. Richmond Upholstered Bed

£1469, And So To Bed

Why we love it: Because there is every reason the place you spend the most of your time should be the most luxurious

To me, And So To Bed is the ultimate bucket list bed frame retailer and this bed – the Richmond – is one of their very best. The handmade frame is timeless, completely customisable (in every aspect from piping-finished headboards to marmalade-coloured wool upholstery), and quintessentially British. This particular option features sumptuous teal velvet and a nickel-studded headboard.

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