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New Homes in the UK

In the UK over 160,000 new build properties are built each year with the majority being built by the high volume house builders. These large scale developers often struggle to produce properties to consistent standards and the homes they produce, from our experience, are often riddled with numerous snagging defects. These are often the result of poor site management, a lack of experienced trades, and the fact that the teams put together often consist of a random assortment of contractors and sub-contractors that have never worked together before. For this reason it is essential that you get your new home inspected by a professional snagging inspector, so call (0845)2266486 now  or book your snagging inspection online.

John Prescott’s plans to build a massive amount of additional new build housing is putting enourmous pressure on the developers who are already struggling to maintain standards.  This has also led to the developers being given unprecedented power and influence.

New Build Inspections is currently compiling a dossier about each of the main developers and warranty providers in the UK, which should help you to make an informed decision about your purchase: